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List of Decks

On this page, all decks created for a given collectible card game are shown. Decks are assortements of cards designed by a player to use them in play, and should therefore follow all the rules of the corresponding game. If you want to see all the details of a specific Deck, you only need to click on its name and you'll access its own page.
Nevertheless, you cannot access the details of private decks, which are only accessible by their authors. Priate decks are identified with a different color and a small icon next to their names.

For each Deck, the listing shows its name, its size (as total cards), its author and the date it was created. For each author, you can visit his public trader page, you can check how active he is on the site (from the small activity colored dot), and you may contact him directly through the icon in the shape of an envelope.

The list also includes the number of comments added to each deck, and the total of votes obtained, together with the resulting average score. All the registered users of the site may rate the decks and give them a score that indicates how much they like them. The deck with the best score each week is selected as our Deck of the Week, and is displayed on our home page during all those seven days.

For games for which it is possible to play online on the site, there is also a link that lets you choose that deck to play with it. The link will take you to the playing room where you can meet other players with their decks and challenge them to a game. There is no link for private decks, as only their authors can play with them.

If you want to create a Deck for this game, you can do so from this list by following the link at the top that reads "Create your own Deck here".

If there are more than 20 decks for a game, you can use the Deck Search engine to look for those that interest you the most. You can select the decks created by a given user by just entering his user name on the form, or you can get those decks with a specific minimum or maximum size. Similarly you can search for decks which have a certain word or text in their names, or in the description text entered by their authors.

You can sort the list of Decks by any of the displayed columns. You only need to click on their headers. For example, to sort by the author's user name, you click on the word "Author", on the second column. The first time you click, the sorting is made in ascending order. If you click again on the same column, the sorting is inverted and becomes descending.

Changing the order of the listing lets you, for example, see which decks have received more comments, or a higher rating, and lets you group the decks created on the same date.

If there are many decks for the same game, the listing will be split into pages, which you can access through the links that will appear at the bottom of the list.